Friday, February 10, 2012

Moon Set

Full moon was a couple nights ago.  It was cloudy that evening, but the next morning was clear and I thought I'd go to the beach to take shots of the setting moon.  When I reached the beach, I could tell that the moon was going to set on land, rather than in the water.  I drove back to the high rise bridge, parked at a restaurant, and walked onto the bridge to take my photos.

The 50 or so shots I took all looked pretty much like this one - lousy!  So, once more, Photoshop into the breach....

The auto levels feature gave an interesting blue picture.

For this image, I used the "cutout" filter.  It does give the look of paper cutouts assembled in a collage.

I may have used "soft light" on this one.  Then I used the filter called "lens flare" and centered the flare over the moon.  A bit on the dreamy side....

For this last image, I went to Hue/Saturation and altered the hue to get this purple effect. 

By the way, I looked up the definition for "into the breach":  to do work that someone else is not able or not willing to do.  I think that does a good job of summing up the relationship between my photographic efforts, and the help I get from Photoshop!

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