Monday, November 15, 2010

Wood Nymphs

This past weekend we were out for a hike in the Croatan National Forest.  I had heard tell that wood nymphs had been spotted in the area, so I had my camera ready.

I thought they would be more camera-shy, but it turned out to be pretty easy to get some shots of them.

The next fellow is called Bigfoot.

Not hard to see why.

This is a "portal" to the lower regions.

I caught a shot of this fellow emerging from the portal.

It's perhaps a little-known fact that wood nymphs are not great fans of horses.... 

And these signs are an example of how they like to play at confusing people who visit the forest.  Though, in truth, they seldom bother, since there's so little challenge to the sport.


Paula Herr said...

Thanks for the trip through the forest... enjoyed my visit with the 'Wood Nymphs.' You got some beautiful shots of them, thank goodness they're not shy.

Take care and looking forward to another adventure with you.


Vicki Lane said...

Fun post!

Yarnhog said...

Awesome! That last one looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland.

Yarnhog said...

Where have you gone? I miss your great pictures!