Sunday, November 7, 2010


These are pages from a book I put together that I call "Spirit."  The stories are told from a spirit guide's point of view.  One of my photographs goes with each of the stories.

It doesn't matter where you are in the world.  Enjoy each place, as they are interchangeable, because the place where you will live is inside of you.  A sailboat teaches you this lesson.  Wherever you sail, you have your home with you.  But even a boat is superfluous, for your home is within you.  There is no place that is not your home - a room, a boat, a mansion, all of the out-of-doors, the universe, the galaxies.  Every place is your home, and you can expand to fill all of these places - these spaces - without losing any of your essential self.  Your boundaries are secure.  You are secure.  You are connected.  You are in tune with the rhythms of the cosmos.  It is something to aim for - this tunefulness.  Live it like a melody.  Sing it like a chant.  Know it as the basic chords which reverberate through your life - into and out of your soul.  Your God exists at the very center of it all.  Reach out- reach inward - and touch your God.

A bird is the ultimate free spirit.  He can travel on land, on water, or fly through the air.  Let's take the common seagull.  He wanders the sands of the beach, looking at the mundane details of shore life; he floats on ocean swells without a care in the world; and he soars high above the earth for a bird's-eye view.  Humans mimic the gull.  They walk the shores gazind seaward; they take to the waters in small boats; and they soar through the air on hang gliders.  But the true freedom of the gull eludes them, for the gull neither dwells on the past nor worries about the future of his tomorrows.

Clouds sail by on their way to nowhere, malleable, constantly changing their shapes, sky-borne will-o'-the-wisps.  Losing themselves in sprinkles or downpours, then growing again, taking up moisture, fattening themselves, puffing up with the pride of being.  And always, always, moving onward through their journey - not seeking, not wanting, complete in their very existence.

(More to follow)

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Pepper Cory said...

Hi Jean-Have now read all the Spirit stories and keep coming back to this picture. This one and the lion at Delos. Thank you for writing.