Sunday, November 14, 2010

Spirit (8)

Each day brings new life, new opportunities for creating - an immense tapestry that you "weave" thread by thread.  You control the final product.  What colors you use, how rich the thread, how elegant or how poor the final result, will be your choice because it is a matter of how you live every day of your life.  You work with the richest silks, the finest cottons.  The colors you choose cover the full spectrum , bright and shiny, or dark and dim with your moods.  Every color, every tint, every shade of each hue.  Weave with a light touch.  Stitch with a carefree hand.  Let the pattern emerge as it should - as it will.  Hold your needle or bobbin or shuttle lightly and, if you wish, we will help to guide your creative hand, help you to weave your personal tapestry - the image, the visual representation, of the complex workings of the soul's creation.

And when the time comes for your final passage from your earthly light, I will be waiting for you.  Standing with your mother and your father, and others of your people, we will welcome you with open arms.
We travel amongst the stars in the cold and clear ether of eternity.  We know each other at the most basic level.  We share this journey together.  We welcome your awareness and are truly very pleased for it.  You are a good traveler.  You recognize the voyage and relish the adventure.  This is a most precious knowledge, something to be treasured, to be shared with others.  The wonder of the journey and of the experience.  The joy in the acceptance of and the participation in the eternal dance.
I bow to my partner. I reach out my arms to you.  Come into their circle, and we shall dance together.  With joy and love and wonder.  Step lightly.  Float.  The stars sparkle in your eyes.  The clouds cushion your feet.  You look at me.  You see only me.  But in seeing me you see all that ever was or ever will be, because it is all me.  I am the source, the fountainhead.  I am the home to which you return - the home that you have never really left.  Step-one-two-three.  Faster, higher, lighter, brighter.  Swing in a circle.  Circles.  Wheels.  Rounds.  Come, my dearest love.  Come dance with me.

Joy is not mine to give.  It is the nectar of your soul.  Drink deeply.  It is an unending source, a bottomless well, renewed as you take from it.  We are together.  We pass the baton back and forth till it becomes difficult to see whose hand is doing the conducting - and then we do see - we are doing this together.  All of our hands are on the baton.  You lead and I follow.  I lead and you follow.  We both lead together.  The music swells, the dance is joined, and the joy of eternity is glimpsed by our shaded eyes.  God bless.


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