Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More Beach Art

I'm trying to get my blogging life restarted. I was given a Thursday deadline (don't ask), and that seems to be tomorrow.... I found some beach shots in my files that I haven't posted, so that will be today's fare.

Sand dollar and shells

Fisherman hauling up traps at dawn. Pelicans are flying around, hoping for breakfast.

More pelicans.

Fish, after calling Jenny Craig. (I've opted for Weight Watchers.)


Rosa-Munda said...

Jean, Its good to hear from you! Your first photo struck a cord - I've just walked up the road with a bag over my shoulder and feeling just like that - November!!! But the rain has stopped now and we are just getting a few last cheery rays of the sun. Ros x

Pepper Cory said...

I did too comment! Loved the 'skinny fish'. Let's hope this one makes it through....