Friday, October 14, 2011

A Young Rose

I was playing with one of my favorite books, Digital Expressions, by Susan Tuttle, and put together this picture.  This is my paternal grandmother, Rosilia, at the age of thirteen.  If you look in the background, you'll see Rose (as she was called) when she was probably in her sixties.  My interpretation of this image is of my grandmother remembering herself as a young girl.  Here are the two photos I worked with in Photoshop:

They really knew how to take portraits back then!  This would have been around 1900. 

I love the brooch my grandmother is wearing in this picture.  I couldn't resist giving the young Rosilia a rose to hold in her hand.

Which image do you like best?  With or without the rose?


Vicki Lane said...

The rose add a third layer -- which I like!

Lee Pierce said...

I love the touch of color with the added rose! What a fun project, Jean.