Friday, February 18, 2011


Went visiting at the North Carolina Aquarium (at Pine Knoll Shores) a couple days ago.  I loved my digital camera before, but now I love it even more - I found it has a setting for taking pictures at an aquarium!  This first fintastic fellow is a lionfish.

Here are some of my results, after seriously messing with them in Photoshop.

How sharking!!  A shock!  :o)

Embraced by the Light....  The "light" is actually my camera's flash reflected in the glass.  I moved the fish around a bit.  The title is a play on a book of that title.


Ditto.  I want to return to the Aquarium soon and try more shots with the jellyfish.  Loved the effects I was able to achieve.

Hey!  Wait for me!!

More photos next time.


Pepper Cory said...

Great pictures. Send them to the Aquarium--who knows? Your wall hanging has become the unofficial Art from the Heart logo...

Lee said...

Wonderful shots! I love visiting aquariums and taking tons of photos. The jellyfish are super subjects! Thanks so much for sharing :D