Friday, September 3, 2010

The Adventures of the Good Ship Tropic Moon (Part 1)

I have a new passion (obsession??), and that's making small books.  I have two done and am working on a few more.  The first one, The Adventures of the Good Ship Tropic Moon,  is a compilation of stories and poems I wrote, and images from my slides, done during the time we lived on Tropic Moon.  Five plushies "crewed" and traveled with us, and this book is written from their perspective.  I thought I'd post the pages on my blog (so you'd know I'm still alive and doing something!).  Above is the title page and below are the first four pages of the book.  The book is 8 1/2" x 5" and is spiral bound.  It may be necessary to click on the images to be able to read the text.  If anyone finds that this doesn't work, please let me know. 



More to follow....


Vicki Lane said...

Well, you ARE having fun! How neat!

Rosa-Munda said...

Your book is delightful! Look forward to hearing more.
Ros x

Pepper Cory said...

Atta girl!

Holly Knott said...

These look great. Are you selling them?