Sunday, January 3, 2010

Misty Haze

When I went to the beach on New Year's Eve, I was too early for the sunset. I headed down the beach for a walk and in the far distance I saw what looked like fog. It wasn't the kind of day for fog, so I figured that it was some kind of haze. I hadn't seen anything that looked quite like it before. During my walk, I'd stop and take pictures, sometimes using the "zoom" on my camera. When I got home and worked on the photos in Photoshop, I got some really interesting effects.

Using "auto-levels" on the first picture, I came out with this blue version.

Using the first picture again, I clicked on the "equalize" function and got this neat picture.

Here's another of the original photos - I'm getting closer to the buildings in the distance.

Auto-levels gave me this version.

And "equalize" produced this golden image.

I didn't walk this far, so I must have zoomed in for this photo.


And "equalize." This one makes me think I'm in the Sahara rather than at the beach!

One last image. I wasn't the only one out for a walk on this beautiful day! When the sun was setting, I took the photos that I posted a couple days ago in 2009's Last Sunset. I really couldn't have asked for a nicer ending to the year.


Rosa-Munda said...

Such a wonderful landscape and lots of dreamy variations you've created. How I would love a stroll on the beach! Ros

Pepper Cory said...

You're working with these photos in an artistic series. Love the effects. Why can't I see things like you can?

Robin said...

These turned out fantastic! I personally love the gold (desert) ones. I really need to get photoshop and then lessons from you:)

Jean Baardsen said...

Thanks for your comments - glad you enjoyed the pictures! Can't imagine what I'd do without Photoshop - definitely my favorite tool.

Holly Knott said...

Ooooh, these are gorgeous! I love the receding people in the last one. They look like they're walking into "ghost land."