Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Letter S - Illustrated

Swansboro Storefronts

I took a drive to Swansboro, which is 20-30 minutes down the coast from where I live in Morehead City (North Carolina). Founded in 1783, the “Friendly City by the Sea” offers an historic downtown district overlooking the water and numerous opportunities for coastal recreation. Looking through the photos from the day, I realized most of them could be labeled with the letter "S," starting with Swansboro itself.

Sign (for a restaurant)

Sunlit Scene

Sun Sculpture

Stalker (he had something in sight and looked about ready to pounce)

Staircase (and Swan - the flowerbox)

Stemware (digital image from a photo of a window in an antique shop)

Stacked (or Shelved - the librarian in me!) I wandered into this boat storage facility - nobody was around. Oh, right - Storage too. That was fun!
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Rosa-Munda said...

What a wonderful place to visit, and so peaceful too. Ros

Robin said...

You sure do get around:)