Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Beach Art

Late one evening I headed out to a beach near Ft. Macon in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. I took several pictures with my digital camera, and then played with them in Photoshop when I got home. I like to get a "painterly" look, so I use a variety of Photoshop filters.
One of my goals in life is to get a decent picture of a gull in flight. Usually when one flies overhead, my camera is in my pocket. When I have my camera in hand, it's still a major challenge because it's not like the gulls glide slowly by to have their picture taken. When a gull is flying around, I snap as many pictures as I can. I figure that the law of averages dictates that I will occasionally get a bird in one of my pictures. This bird was in the distance, but still, I take what I can get!

I guess I could call this photo "Casting a Long Shadow." Very cliche, but it was my first time trying this. Happily, I think it made me look thinner....

Right after I took this picture, the young man caught a fish. It was one of those ugly-looking flat fish - don't know what they're called, but it was about a foot long, and he was well pleased with his catch.

Unlike the gulls, the surf is always happy to put on a good show for the camera! I took several other pictures on this evening, and plan to post them in my next couple blogs. They're a bit more "far-out" and I'll be including the original shots so that you can see where they're coming from.


Rosa-Munda said...

He Jean,
How lovely having such a beautiful beach nearby - and so peaceful too. We have Red Kites which fly overhead and I would love to capture them too, but I have the same problem! I love your photos and the special effects. Ros

Jean Baardsen said...

Thanks Ros. Funny how you can have such beauty nearby and almost forget it's there. Of course, it makes a difference being retired now, but I go out to the beach to take pictures, and then remember how much I used to love going out there for walks. It had been a couple of years, and it's only 10-15 minutes away! Jean

Robin said...

That bouy photo is great. You must have a really good zoom.