Saturday, August 5, 2017

1983 (8) - Maine Finale

Mirage - 1
When we lived on Tropic Moon, we used a 35 mm camera to take slides.  Years ago when I was scanning the slides, I accidentally scanned two slides, one on top of the other.  I liked the result, and played with the image in Photoshop.  Above and below are two of the images I created.

Mirage - 2
Below are the two slides that yielded my "Mirage."

Slide 1 - Taken from Harbor Island
Slide 2 - Which you'll probably recognize from the Great Schooner Race.

During the month of August, we cruised several more of Maine's lovely harbors and anchorages.  We hiked miles, climbed mountains, and found some culture along the way.  We saw a play by Moliere at the Acadia Repertory Theater, and attended the Arcadia Music Festival, where we listened to a flutist perform with a Chinese bamboo flute.  We went on a whale watching excursion, and even saw Walter Cronkite on his boat at Northeast Harbor.

Tropic Moon at anchor below.
Me, picking blueberries, on Mt. St. Saveur.
That night I made blueberry pancakes for supper.

Our time in Maine ended with a haul out on August 25th, during which we had the hull sandblasted to bare steel.  Proposed for a week, it ran to a month, putting an end to our summer cruising.  Because of the haul out, we made a late start heading south from Maine, not leaving Southwest Harbor till October 1st.
Merchant Island, Maine.
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