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1980 (1) - English Harbor

Me, posing with one of the cannons at English Harbor
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During our 3-1/2 years in the Caribbean, we made several trips up and down the island chain.  Some islands we skipped altogether, while others, like Antigua, our favorite, we visited on four different occasions.

Nelson's Dockyard, English Harbor, Antigua

English Harbor, on the southern coast of Antigua, is one of the most beautiful and popular anchorages in the Caribbean. There are two sheltered deep-water harbors - English Harbor itself, and Falmouth Harbor.  Nelson's Dockyard, at English Harbor, is one of Antigua's finest attractions, and it was easy to spend hours wandering around the restored buildings.  The dockyard took its name from Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, who was based there for three years from 1784, and who led the construction of the Royal Dockyard.  Admiral Nelson's former home is now a small museum called The Admiral's House, and nearby is the atmospheric Copper and Lumber Store, which originally provided the copper sheathing for the hulls of the wooden ships. 

Copper and Lumber Store, Nelson's Dockyard

Many of the old buildings had been converted to modern use - a grocery, a post office, marine store, and sail repair shop. There were frequent reminders of how short in stature people were a couple hundred years ago. Leaving an office I had to reach way down for the doorknob, and Ed often bumped his head on the beams in the marine store. 
The Admiral's House, Nelson's Dockyard

A replica of the racing yacht, America, visited English Harbor during our time there.  In 1851, the original gaff-rigged schooner, over 100 feet in length, was the first winner of the America's Cup international sailing trophy.

Replica of America (my photo, treated with sepia, in Photoshop)

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