Sunday, November 11, 2012

Beach Art

A recent walk at the beach yielded lots of photos, as usual.  I edited them all in Photoshop, but some I took to a more "arty" level.  Above is a before picture.
The after-bird.  ;O)  This one included adding a texture layer.


Before - a view along the shore.
After - Painterly effect, plus I changed the proportions by switching the numbers for width and height.

Before shows a fisherman in the surf.  It was a rough water day - a couple days after Hurricane Sandy passed offshore - and I was glad this fellow was wearing yellow, in case he got knocked down!
After is from a slightly different angle.  I had zoomed in on both pictures, so they were already a little rough-looking.  On this one, I used some artistic filters, including dry brush, to get a painterly effect.
Before - some beach houses.
After - renovated to accomodate tall, cartoon people.  I used an artistic filter called cutout, and also went overboard with the hue/saturation.

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Linda Kittmer said...

I love what you did with those townhouses. The colours are wonderful!