Monday, May 14, 2012


Husband, Ed; My painting called "Cezanne's Farm;" The ever-adorable Casey Cockatiel;
Bookcase; Out the kitchen window; Rocker

A recent project in our Beyond Layers II class was creating storyboards with some of our photographs.  Kim Klassen provided templates for us to use.  The photos in the first storyboard represented my day on May 1st. 

Flossie seeking her inner frog; From a READ Poster; Flossie at her computer;
Herbie, Flossie & Kermit hitting the port; Buddy in his BMW, Herbie riding his bike at Cezanne's Farm

I really enjoyed the project so I decided to do a second storyboard.  I had lots of photos of my frogs in my files.  One little note - Herbie (bottom right) is riding his bike in my painting that's in the top storyboard, top center.  Also, in the port drinking photo, that's one of my quilts in the background.  There's another of my quilts behind Flossie (at her computer), but this one is showing the back of the quilt, rather than the front, which was too busy to use as a background for this photo. 

I use Photoshop for developing my images.  In Beyond Layers, we worked on our storyboards in Photoshop.  This class combines projects using both photography and Photoshop - two of my loves!

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Lee Pierce said...

Wow! Jean, this looks like a fun project. Love your story boards :D