Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Photo du Jour - Tagus River

The original slide for this digital image was taken in Lisbon, Portugal.  I did some serious cropping and manipulating with it in Photoshop.  It's difficult to get a decent image out of a lot of our old slides, so I turn some of them "artsy" rather than trying to use the original picture.  It's hard to believe that we used to wait weeks, sometimes months, before we'd even see the pictures we'd taken!  (I do love my digital camera.  Yes, I know I've mentioned that before.)  Here's a link to the ACEO I've listed in my Etsy shop.

This is my scan of the original slide.  Basically, I used the middle section of the slide for my digital image.  The Tagus River has its origins in Spain.  It flows west through Spain and Portugal, eventually reaching Lisbon where the river flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

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Lee Pierce said...

Love the adjusted version! I love my digital cameras and the instant results. I can remember sending my film off and waiting for slides to return. I chose slides because they were back a little quicker and they did hold up better over time. Now, after countless moves, I just have no idea where they are :(