Friday, July 2, 2010

Alien Pots

I saw these pots at a Lowes Home Improvement Store and they reminded me of aliens.  Granted, I haven't known that many aliens, but still....

I decided to play with them in Photoshop.  First I cropped and brightened them.

This image used the Glowing Edges filter.

There was a Cutout Filter that I hadn't really used before.  I also increased saturation to 100%.

I used some "distortion" for this last image.  Pretty creepy-looking characters!


Vicki Lane said...

Good eye -- just don't turn your back on them.

Pepper Cory said...

I wish I could see things like you do Jean.

Holly Knott said...

I love that you saw alien faces in them. And your photos of the Duke medical building are great. The pointy glass ceiling looks like something they'd use in a movie where the bad guy finally caves and jumps. Wasn't there a movie that took place at a museum with a similar (but not as elaborate) roof with the same sort of event?