Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Memory Art #6 - English Harbor, Antigua

Memory Art is art inspired by stories or photos from my past.
English Harbor on the island of Antigua is probably one of the most beautiful and popular anchorages in the Caribbean. The bay goes well inland with several twists and turns. Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson used English Harbor in the early 1800's for watering the British Navy as well as for boat repairs, and it became know as Nelson's Dockyard.

Many stone buildings were built around the harbor, and over the years have been beautifully restored. Some of these buildings were converted to modern use - a grocery, a post office, a marine store, and a sail repair shop.

There were frequent reminders of how short in stature people were a couple hundred years ago. Leaving an office, I had to reach way down for the door knob, and Ed often bumped his head on the beams in the marine store.

Our first visit to English harbor was in 1980. Here I am posing with an impressively large cannon.

While we loved English Harbor, we wanted to see more of the island. We applied for a month-long crusing permit that we put to good use exploring the many good anchorages along Antigua's 60 miles of coastline.

That's Tropic Moon, front and center in the English Harbor anchorage. (The orange ball on her nose is a sail bag.)
And now for my magic trick.... I'll take the above picture of the anchorage and convert it into a length of striped fabric. (Drum roll, please.)

In Photoshop (of course), I made four copies of the picture, changed their orientations, and put them together to form a new image.

Then I made four copies of that image, and again stuck them together.

Ditto, one more time. Then I made one copy of this image and put the two together, side-by-side, to form my length of striped fabric.

Ta Da! (Okay, it's not really fabric, in case you wondered. But maybe it could be.)


Angela Recada said...

I'm really enjoying these posts about your travels, and I'm especially enjoying the art you make from the photos. I think this one is my favorite - it reminds me of a Navajo rug. Very nice!

Jean Baardsen said...

Thanks, Angela! I was just over at your blog. Enjoyed the story about the new driveway! Enjoy your summer - sounds good to just let it happen.

self taught artist said...

i'm surprised at how 'plantation like' that house looks...i know nothing about this place! leave it to you to reduce that photo to a fabric, good job :)

Pepper Cory said...

OK Jean-now where can I buy at least 5 yards of the stuff?

Elis Cooke said...

Hi Jean
The photoshop tutorial is great-- what a clever idea to use photos you love and transform them into great patterns! namaste Elis.

CateN said...

Wow - what a neat trick! At first I thought you used some type of design work for borders around the pictures in the first duplication set, but then I realized it was just the trees and sky... so amazing that you could look at it and see that possibility.