Friday, May 29, 2009

Antares Sails Again

I wrote about Antares, and our sail aboard this beautiful yacht, in an earlier post called Memory Art #2 - Antares. That post also shows the first Photoshop image I developed using this photograph. Two more Photoshop images were developed in Antares Revisited, including this one:
My latest efforts, (and hopefully my last as far as Antares is concerned), is a replica of this image done in fabric. My original intent was to do a mini art quilt, but once I had the fabric picture finished, I decided against quilting it. Instead, I took an 8"x10" gallery-wrapped canvas, painted it black, and then used an acrylic medium to glue the fabric picture to the canvas.

I also coated the picture with acrylic medium to give it an extra bit of protection. When I was photographing it, one of my pictures was overexposed by the flash. I'm including it anyway because it better shows the fabrics used in this piece. Most of the fabric I work with when I make art quilts comes from old thrift shop clothing. The sails are from a black polyester blouse that had a neat rose pattern. The sky fabric was also from a blouse, while I used two different sparkly fabrics for the water.

Adios, amigo - Happy Sailing!


Rosa-Munda said...

Hello Jean, I love your sailboats and the new look to your blog. The bigger pictures have a much greater impact! You could also try increasing the number of posts per page, mine has about 10. Best wishes, Ros

mikeb said...

What a lovely yacht! Lucky you to be sailing her in the Caribbean. Ever since reading about the early English explorers I've always thought North Carolina would be a great place to sail too.

Pepper Cory said...

Beautiful! Tomorrow night, maybe?

Jean Baardsen said...

Thanks for the kind words!
Pepper - yes - see you tomorrow night.

Patrick Keough said...

Great to see you are blogging Jean. I would have posted to you sooner BUT your post to me got clogged up in spam filter. Love the work you are doing - WOW!!! You sure have come a long way with your digital work from those first days in Computer Art :-) Hey...check out the News-Times today - bug spread on my Ireland Photographic excursion with my daughter Andei. Keep blogging and making art Jean! I envy you but am close to retirement and look forward to more time for art, writing and photography.